The surrender complex…

Anyone who has ever written a book, painted a picture, composed a song, or created any other piece of art understands what it is like to have a beloved piece be passed over.

We all get to this point in our artistic experience, where something that we created with loving care fails to wow the rest of humanity.  A few contests, a dozen queries, a bad review…
This is the place where many people get discouraged and give up.  But no matter what happens, surrender is always a mistake.
Even if my current project fails I have a list of other book ideas sitting, waiting, for me to move on.  Maybe it will be the Modern Romance, or the Paranormal Crime Drama.
I have faith in myself, and that is all any artist ever has.  Even commercial success only brings more criticism.  So believe in what you have to offer, and stick with it.  No matter what!
Never surrender!

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