Blogger’s Block

We have all heard of and experienced writer’s block, but what about blogger’s block.

Nothing interesting to talk about, no witty insights, or new writing tips…

Watching reruns of the Original British version of Top Gear, and trying to stick to my new blogging goals.

Failing.  I have been rewriting the prequel (Dark Silver) to my soon to be released novel Silver Strife.  Re-writing or intensive editing, whatever you want to call it.  Much harder than the original creative output.

I also have a novel and short story I am working on…none of which are presenting any brilliant insights.

Have a new dog…who is much more distracting than the three cats.

She is a Box-huahua we rescued from an animal shelter.  A half Boxer, half Chihuahua, (a prospect that boggles the mind) who we have named Kitty.  AND she may have been a Dark Lord of the Sith in a previous life…

So there you go, a cute picture of a dog, a Star Wars reference…

Blogging complete.

Keep Writing!