The New Writer’s Trap

You want to write, but you haven’t before.

So, you sit down, write a few chapters, and start wondering if they are any good.

A search on the internet reveals local writers groups, internet groups, critique partner ads, all with hundreds of people willing to review your work as part of a fair exchange.

Here is where it goes wrong.  You join them all, start critiquing 10-15 stories a week to get feedback on your work.  You post a chapter or two, get some feedback, and post some more.

Before long you find yourself posting 100,000 words chapter by chapter and reviewing 5 or 6 times as much just to get a few good critiques and a bunch of useless ones…

You get discouraged because you realize that no matter what you do, you can’t seem to satisfy your audience.  Because, you can’t please everyone, ever.

In the end you find yourself either quitting, or spending 90% of your “writing” time reviewing other people’s stories.  I have seen this happen to TOO many new and talented writers.

IT IS IMPORTANT to get feedback on your work.  But don’t over do.

One or two writers you know and trust who can read your whole story are worth dozens of strangers doing tit for tat a chapter at a time.

You WILL improve your work with appropriate constructive feedback from other writers in your genre.

People writing other genres, or who are only there to get their own work reviewed aren’t worth your time.  They will either miss the point, or shrug, get their “required” words in, and bail.

Focus on your own work, and find a handful of trusted reviewers who will be brutal but honest.

Don’t obsess over getting “enough” feedback or feel you have to please the doubters.

We all have our own taste in stories, and even a critiquer has to rely on that to judge a piece.

Most of all, stay true to your vision!

Keep Writing!