Silver Strife! #SnippetSunday

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Enjoy this short snippet from Silver Strife!

Quicksilver has just been rescued from the Union’s Elite University by a squadron of Resistance soldiers lead by Captain Mitchell. This scene occurs in the crowded transport van on the way back to the rebels’ base.

“Over the next few hours, I kept my eyes lowered and my hands clasped in an attempt to appear wholly non-threatening, but I could not help but come to the uncomfortable realization that Mitchell was watching me. His attentive gaze lingered right at the corner of my vision. I tried to ignore him, but his eyes were like a brand, creeping under my skin until the itch became unbearable. Reluctantly, I turned to look at him. Our eyes met, and we sat staring at each other across those few inches for a very long time.

I just could not bring myself to look away, and the longer we stared at each other the quieter the van became. Conversations slowed down and ground to a halt. You could have heard a grenade pin drop. Maybe that would have broken the tension. As it was, I barely managed to tear my eyes away, look down at my hands folded in my lap, and take a deep breath. I thought that would be the end of it, but then a large callused hand grabbed hold of my chin, forcing me to look up and meet his eyes again. In the near silence, I heard several in drawn breaths. One of them was definitely mine.”

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