Sebastian’s Lady Spy abounds with intrigue and adventure!

Review: 4.0 Stars

In Sebastian’s Lady Spy by Sharon Cullen we take a step back in time within the “Secrets & Seduction Series” that started with “The Notorious Lady Anne

This story takes place early in the series, but was never fully explored! Until now!

Sebastian is an English spy and an Earl. But, he views his title as less than what he can do for his KING.

The Contessa Gabrielle Marciano has lived as an Italian Countess, but she was born on the streets of London.

The two share a life of lies and intrigue!

They spent three wonderful days together in Venice. Seven months later, Sebastian & Gabrielle are thrust together by the government they both work for, and set on the trail of a traitor to the crown.


Sebastian’s Lady Spy was a very enjoyable read! Action, adventure, and steamy romance. I had actually not read the previous books in the series, but I did AFTER I got this as an ARC! This may very well be my favorite in the series!

A beautiful story about love overcoming the weight of duty!

This is the story of an Earl spy and his Italian countess lover revealing the truth in each of their lives.

The street urchin who became and spy and the Earl who had to prove himself.


This is out-of-order by the standards of historical romance. I read this story first, but if you have read up to book 4….this is a backtrack.

Also, as seems to be very common in Sharon Cullen’s books the female leads are very unusual for historical romance heroines.  I love that, but some readers new to the series may find it tad anachronistic.


Great story, great action, and great romance!

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J.A. Kenney

Genre: Historical Romance 

Publication date: March 31th, 2015

Length: 168 Pages

Blush Quotient: Red – This story contains more love scenes and sexy situations and they are described in detail using frank, explicit language.

Disclaimer: This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair review.