The Duke’s Disaster is no such thing!

Review: 4.0 Stars

The Duke’s Disaster is the newest novel from my favorite historical romance author Grace Burrowes!

Noah is a practical and serious man who became both the Duke and the guardian of his younger brothers and sisters at the tender age of 17. Long ago he promised his grandfather he would wed before his next birthday, and so he creates a list narrows down his options and is promptly refused by the lady in question.

So instead, he proposes to her seemingly practical and reasonable companion Thea.

Thea accepts to give her sister a chance at the life she was denied.

Both go into the marriage expecting nothing more than a practical business like relationship, and with secrets they do not share.

But together they vanquish all their demons, and learn that marriage can be a true Happily Ever After.


Another great Historical Romance in Grace Burrowes’s catalog! Always a joy to read this one echoes back towards her first book The Heir, which to this day I consider to be the finest Regency historical ever written. The Duke’s Disaster provides both passion and adventure in addition to top class romance.

While an occasional reference is made to existing characters from previous books and series, this novel can stand alone in total and does not rely on knowledge of the author’s previous works.


Burrowes does go a little bit off of the standard historical romance script, which is both a good and a bad thing.  They marry early in the book, a marriage of convenience and duty. So while they do eventually come to love each other there is a great deal of heart-break and drama early on caused by the characters themselves, their pasts, their families, and their lack of honesty with each other.

In addition, while the subject of sexual assault is handled well, some readers may find the heroine’s past trauma to be disturbing.


The Duke’s Disaster was a unique and exciting take on the classic Regency Historical Romance!

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J.A. Kenney

Genre: Historical Romance 

Publication date: April 7th, 2015

Length: 448 Pages

Blush Quotient: Red – This story contains more love scenes and sexy situations and they are described in detail using frank, explicit language.

Disclaimer: This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair review.