Coming Soon!

Complete works that are Soon or Yet to be Published!

Dark Silver (Immortal Quicksilver #0.75)

A Black Hole, a damaged Spaceship, thousands of refugees fleeing an alien threat and Quicksilver. What can possibly go wrong?

Quicksilver gains consciousness, but with no memory of this life with its ballroom, handsome Admiral, and looming Black Hole. Nor any idea how she ended up on a space ship stranded at the edge of nowhere.

A few thousand human refugees fleeing an interstellar war, trapped by the greatest destructive force in the universe, and the Admiral who is as much a mystery as her lost memories.

When she discovers the truth, Quicksilver thrusts herself into the fray. If she fails, the last handful of free humans might be forever erased from the tides of time.

Events occur before Silver Strife…for Quicksilver.

(Dark Silver: An Immortal Quicksilver Novella is scheduled to be released between book 1 & 2 in the Immortal Quicksilver series!)

Witch Way Out-A Short Story Prequel to The Witch Way Series

Castalia fled Denver and her broken engagement after finding out her fiancé had been cheating on her. The middling hedge witch had been using her for the prestige in the magical community that came with her elemental talents.

After a desperate scry, she goes up into the mountains to her parent’s old abandoned cabin to be alone, and reconnect with nature. But when a strange man wanders into her grief, she must decide whether it is time to move on.

Lucas seems perfect, a normal human man, who needs assistance.

But appearances can be VERY deceiving.

This story is complete, and was entered in a GoodReads Group writing contest! You can still read it….if you join the group!

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