Works In Progress

Immortal Short Stories

Striving Star (Immortal Quicksilver #2.5)

The villain gets a moment of glory. Forced into slavery, beaten and broken, Star fights for freedom

Subservient Silver (Immortal Quicksilver #0.51)

Based on the final scene in Slivers of Silver. Quicksilver breaks from family and tradition to free slaves in the 18th century.

My Current Novels in progress:

Bloody Tidings

Framed for the murder of a U.S. Senator’s son, sought by both human and vampire authorities. Charity flees modern-day Washington D.C. for places unknown. She has been hiding from all males since she was changed, caged, and abused by her Maker.

Tracked across the continental U.S. by one of the ruling Council’s Enforcers, she has no where left to run. She must cling to the slight hope dangled by the Enforcer who was sent to kill her, or die.

Leon faces a simple choice. Kill the female he was sent to apprehend, or believe her claims of innocence and risk the Council declaring war on them both.

They must join sides to destroy the undead monster who framed Charity, or stand back and watch him ravage the world. Again.

Silver Lining (Immortal Quicksilver #2)

Quicksilver finds her way back to Earth 20 years after the end of Silver Strife. The now General David Mitchell, and her two sons have made great strides against the Union government.  But Peter has been captured and is being held by the remaining Elites.

David and Qui must work together to save their son, and bring an end to the Union’s oppression for good. In the end they find help from a very unexpected source.

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